Duo de Twang - Les Claypool, Bryan Kehoe, Cage Claypool and Reformed Whores

On February 20th my dream came true and I got the unique opportunity to shoot a Duo de Twang show at the Avalon Theater in Grand Junction Colorado. The show was topped off with a hilarious opening band Reformed Whores.
Les Claypool was joined by his son Cage Claypool for several songs including a Ventures cover "Pipeline" and Johnny Cash classics "A boy name Sue" and "Cocaine Blues." Cage Claypool shocked the audience with a deep voice that sounded exactly like his father, and some awesome banjo playing. I look forward to seeing more of Cage's musical talents in the future.
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A Boy Named Sue


Stayin Alive

Amos Moses

Red State Woman

Reformed Whores
Hoo Ha

Drunk Dial