Jared Hartmann of Flyleaf talks with Brooke Lucas at Mesa Theater and Club

By: Brooke Lucas of Lucas Media Productions

Flyleaf’s former front woman Lacey Sturm had a very distinctive voice that made Flyleaf the band it is today. New front woman Kristen May has defiantly brought something different but equally distinctive to their newest album ‘Between the Stars’. The album is soulful and a little angelic with beautiful songs such as ‘Platonic’ & ‘Head underwater’. Kristen May also belts out vocals that follow her hypnotic melodies on songs like ‘City Kids’. It’s the perfect balance of rock and pop that make ‘Between the Stars’ a addicting and memorable. It’s beautifully thought out and creative, every song is a hit. ‘Between the Stars’ is a refreshing album that will keep Flyleaf fans wanting more for years to come.

Jared Hartmann of Flyleaf sits down with Brooke Lucas before their show at Mesa Theater and Club in Grand Junction Colorado on February 28th 2015. He talks about their tour, new singer Kristin May, and his family. Featuring footage of their songs "Set Me On Fire" and "I'm So Sick". Produced by Brady and Brooke Lucas of Lucas Media Productions.