The Dreaming - "Rise Again" Album Review

Written by - Brooke Lucas of Lucas Media Productions &

The Dreaming awakens us in the New Year, with a much-anticipated album ‘Rise Again’ that releases February 10, 2015. I had the exclusive opportunity to listen to their new album.
‘Rise Again’ covers topics in people’s everyday lives and I think fans can really relate to that. “Alone”, a slower Industrial song from the new album makes you feel like you’re not alone, like someone else has felt the same way you have at one point in your life. It’s a perfect balance of emotion and rock that the band is great at expressing.
Led by front man Christopher Hall, former lead singer of Stabbing Westward. The Dreaming mixes smooth vocals and personal touching lyrics with songs such as “Throw it Away” and “Afraid”. Their new songs have that raw grit that brings you in and keep you listening. Each member of The Dreaming creates a harmonious sound that flows and intertwines on ‘Rise Again’.
I feel like this new album ‘Rise Again’ is going to make a big impact in the Rock Industry because it creates the new Rock you crave to hear and the old school Industrial sound that we all miss.
My husband Brady Lucas and I had the privilege of a quick video and photo shoot with their bassist Brent Ashley in 2014 at Mesa Theater and Club in Grand Junction, Colorado. The video footage was used in their music video “Alone”.

Check out the music video “Alone” from The Dreaming:

Brooke Lucas’ photo album of Brent Ashley: